Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Little Miracle

Today we went to have a 4D Sonogram of Little Sophie and she was not wanting to have her picture taken. She kept her arm and foot in front of her face the whole time. So we are going back again next Friday and maybe we'll get a better look.

This has been one tough and scary pregnacy for my whole family and being on bedrest since I was 11 weeks pregnant was not fun! With the help of our family and friends, we got through it. Now I am able to get around and that has made me and the fam feel normal again. We had to go back to the doctor a lot to get a look at the bleed so we have gotten lots sono pics of her. It is neat to look at them and see how she has grown.

Ava is so excited about being a big sister and I know she will be a big help! We can't wait for Sophie to get here!!

I think she looks a lot like our Ava.

I think the Skates big toe has struck again! :) Sorry Ava and Sophie!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Best Friend

Early Monday morning I lost Sylvester, my best friend of 17 years. She will forever remain in my heart and mind. It will not be the same without her. I am going to miss her following me around, watching me wash my hair, hearing her coming up and down the hall, waiting for me at the door when I got home, loving on me when I felt down or sick, checking on Ava when she cried, loving on Adam when I wasn't home, and being the best snuggler ever!!!! I love you with all my heart "Sugar Bear"!!!! I will see you again some day at the Rainbow Bridge!!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Yummy Cheetoooos!!!!!

Ava sure does LOVE Cheetos Puffs! Or as she would say, "Cheetoooooos!!!", with a stretched out long o sound. So cute!! Anyway, if she sees the Cheetos bag or if you ask her if she wants some, she starts to cheer and clap and she will even try to climb up into her high chair. Hilarious!!!
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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What a Blessing!!

Gosh!! It has been two years (around May 5) since we found out we were going to become parents!! What an emotional day! I remember feeling so much joy but also scared at the same time. At the end of May, we moved up here from Natchez and were living in an apartment. We were very nervous because we had to find a house and I, of course, had to get a job! It is amazing how everything just fell into place. Praise God!! He led us to this great house and I got a job at NWRE teaching. I feel so at home at NWRE! I work with so many wonderful people and I am so grateful!!!I can not imagine working without them! I love you guys!!

Looking at all of these pictures fills me with so much love. Motherhood is the BEST!!
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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Looooove This Girl!!

Ava has certainly kept us busy and entertained!!!She is into everything she can get her hands on. If she can't get to it, she will find a way!! I haven't updated in a very long time, I know, so here is a little bit of what has been going on with our Sweet Ava.
She is about 23 pounds now and almost running everywhere. When she stumbles and falls, she says uh oh, and gets right back up never skipping a beat. She has her side molars in and almost all of her teeth in the front. Oh, and never put your finger in her mouth because she will clamp down and think it is hilarious!!!

She points to her hair, nose, teeth, ears, eyes, belly button, feet, and hands. Her new words are sit down and no, no. I'm guessing she hears that a lot!!! :) Other words she says are cat (kitty),uh- oh, mommie, daddy, papaw, papa, nite- nite, bye- bye, bunny, puppy, dog, and bubbles. Sylvester and Ava talk all the time to each other. Ava will meow back at Sylvester; just as cute and serious as she can be.

She absolutely loves bath time! She will drink out of the cup and pour the water all over her and onto the floor. When it's time to get out, she says bye, bye. Sooo cute!!! But sometimes, it's not that easy!! She will let you know when she doesn't want out!!
More on our growing little munchin later!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

We all go back to our house Christmas Eve afternoon just in time to go to Christmas Mass. Oh, by the way, I turned 30!!! Yuck!!! Very depressing, but anyway, moving on. We got back from a wonderful mass and had supper. Then we had to get ready for Santa to come.

We hardly ever get a picture with the three of us! We need to work on that!

Adam's Mom and Dad came up on Christmas day for lunch. We had a feast too! They brought Ava her very first bike. Look at that big girl on a bike!

My parents weren't able to come up because my mom was still feeling bad and my dad had to work the next day! We wished you were here and missed very much!!! It wasn't the same without you!!!!!

My dad had his birthday on the 26th. Happy Birthday again Daddy!! I love you!!!!

"Giddy up, Papaw!!"